Duramax 00283 Woodbridge Storage shed, Off White


This shed is sharp at every angle, every part, etc. Also, the manual incorrectly states that you should build, or have, a foundation that is “four inches larger all around” than the metal (sharp like a razor) base. I could not understand why they stated that in their manual, so I called them. I got a person who put me on hold, and said “I have talked with someone with more knowledge on this, and he said that the directions are wrong, and that you should build your foundation the same size as the shed itself. WOW, couldn’t believe it. Was so glad that I had already disregarded the instructions and done that myself. From then on, I did not trust the instructions in the manual. I slipped within an hour of beginning assembly of this shed, and have been scarred on my shin for life, because I slipped against the razor sharp foundation. Also, all other pieces of this shed are sharp enough to cut a finger, hand, etc. Additionally, there was a gentle breeze, no more, when we began assembly, and that alone was enough to cause the first parts to sway and bend corners, pull out corners already tucked, etc. After my injury, I was out of the project, and my poor roommate had to beg our neighbor to finish. I will say that after they got all of the sides on, plus the roof braces, and also due to the fact that our foundation was so strong that Noah’s flood couldn’t have swayed it, the shed seemed strong. But beware the first five to six wall panels, as they will blow and billow with any wind hitting them. The manual is filled with liability disclaimers, like “wear gloves, eye protection”, etc. Well, wearing gloves is what I did, at first, however, how can a person fit in a tiny screw like the hundreds that are required with this shed, with thick gloves on? I had to keep taking them off. My roommate is going to Lowe’s to look for additional items to help with the roof, because it looks like a leak waiting to happen. Every piece of that roof will require a ton of caulk (more than suggested) to even hope that it will not leak in a rain that has any angle to it.